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The National Homeland Defense Foundation (NHDF)  announced the opening of a new library on Monday, April 7, 2008.  The library is designed to serve as a world wide resource for publications, periodicals, technical papers, and other literature that is focused on homeland defense and security matters.  The NHDF Library will be primarily electronic in form, but hard copies will be collected over time and reside in the NHDF headquarters office.Medicine online generico online to combat with male bareness called impotence.


Mr. Rich Caldwell is the NHDF Librarian.   Mr. Caldwell has been working since early 2008 to construct the library organization.  He has also collected thousands of documents from the US Government and other agencies and organizations that will form the nucleus of the NHDF Library collection. 

“There is no central collection point for documents and literature that focuses on homeland defense and security” said Mr. Caldwell.  “It is the goal of the Foundation that the NHDF Library become such a central collection and become a major resource for this information  Our catalog of documents is building daily,” said Caldwell.


The Library is available through the internet by logging on to www.nhdflibrary.org and following the steps to connect to the catalog.  Documents may be reviewed on-line and downloaded if desired.  NHDF provides this resource at no cost to users.  Persons or organizations interested in providing material to the Library may contact Mr. Caldwell at librarian@nhdf.org. 


“The NHDF Library is one of several programs the Foundation will develop and launch over the next few months as we seek to become a critical resource to government and industry in the homeland defense and security industries,” said General Ed Eberhart, USAF (ret), Chairman of the Board of the Foundation. 


The National Homeland Defense Foundation was founded in 2004 and annually conducts the nation’s leading public forum on homeland defense and security.  Symposium VII will be held November 9-11, 2009 at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO.  Information on the Symposium VIi program can be found at www.nhdf.org


The Foundation held a “Thought Leadership Symposium” on March 11, 2008 in McLean, VA. A recap of this conference can be found in the NHDF Library at www.nhdflibrary.org




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