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About the NHDF

National Homeland Defense Foundation (NHDF) was established in 2004 as a non-partisan, nonprofit forum and rallying point for our country’s response to the ever eminent presence of terrorism tactics, and preparing and responding to natural disasters around the country. 

NHDF’s mission is “Securing the Future of Liberty™" through sharing of technology, innovation, and education. To accomplish this mission, NHDF conducts the nation's leading public forum at an annual Symposium where  experts in government, industry, academia and media converge to discuss, educate and share ideas to help secure our nation. 

NHDF hosts an on-line library for documents and literature focused on homeland defense and security.  All of the presentations from both ET Day and Symposium VI will soon be archived in the NHDF Library.  Visit www.nhdflibrary.org for more information. 

Watch this site for updates on Symposium VII to be held Nov. 9-11, 2009. 

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